a participatory environmental art project

People are invited to become part of a collection, through their feet they convey their story; the story of them as part of a whole, a land, a community, a living breathing changing entity.

Their feet are coated in oil and wrapped in gauze, for protection, for care. They are then encased in clay, massaged and moulded so that the clay takes on the form of the person, their body.

Voices talk tell their stories, what they love, what they do, what is important to them, where they live and why, they celebrate their being as part of a whole. Recordings of these stories  forms  soundscapes to accompany  installations of the collection.

Touch this earth lightly from Bridget Nicholson on Vimeo.

The project started in 2009 as part of the Williams’ River Valley Artists’ Project where Juliet Fowler-Smith invited artists to make work in response to the proposed damming of the Williams River in the Hunter Valley NSW (Tillegra Dam). Juliet’s family has been property owners in the proposed inundation area for generations, and as an artist herself Juliet wanted to present a variety of artists responses to the dam proposal, and others that result in a loss of cultural heritage.

touch this earth lightly has developed into a more general project looking at the emotional and cultural connection to land/place and the environment. A way of honouring the animal within each of us, and paying tribute to our place in the world. People have joined the project from across Australia stretching from Kalkaringji in the Northern Territory to the Coorong in South Australia. The project is ongoing with the collection of more stories and feet along the way, installations appear at various places as opportunities arise. The final product will be presented as a portrait of people and place, an Australian community who care for country.

Touch this earth/sea lightly